All the single friends....put your hands up!

Ok not so fast. Holidays can be tricky for some of our single friends. The craftier, bolder singles have it all worked out and never suffer so much as an awkward solo moment. The not so crafty majority just patiently wait to get to the other side. The other side of the holidays where being on your own does not make you a freak. Oops, there I said it.
Please pardon me single friends. I know I'm ratting you out.
"No!  Don't reveal the pain of being alone. They will never get it. They are oblivious."
And hang on non-singles this article is equally for you.
"Please don't involve us. It's not our problem. If they really wanted a relationship they'd go out and find one."  
Gasp!  Oh no they didn't!
Let's squirm this out together.  We were all single at one point and, based on statistics, we will all likely be single again.  No guilt trips or pity parties.  It's just the way of the world.
First the singles. I know you are tough and stoic but plan ahead for god sakes!  Don't wait till the last minute when it's completely awkward! The social tsunami starts in November. Blow your floaty up early! Be creative and make plans. Speak up. Ask what other people are doing. You will be surprised what happens when you just start the conversation.
Now the couples. Couples you can be quite self involved and that's ok. We understand. You probably can't imagine not having someone to spend the holidays with especially if you have close family as well. But imagine all that is gone. Almost impossible, right?
Let's face it, it's not in our nature to be alone....not during the holidays or ever for extended periods of time. That's why solitary confinement leads to mental instability and even insanity.  Humans are not cut out for it.  But enough prison talk.
Your single friends put on a stoic face and almost never share the depth of their feelings on this topic. Why would they? It's not easy to talk about. If the topic does comes up please don't say "I thought you were used to being single by now." Or "Why do you want a boyfriend?" You might hear "Why!? Why are you never without one?" and something about being human.
I'm not saying run out and adopt a single person. I'm only saying that if you already have some single friends that you value remember them with a text, a phone call or even an invite over the holidays or whenever. It does not take much. Don't assume singles can't or won't come. Invite them anyway. Even out-of-state invites mean that someone thought of you. Have them on your list. It means a lot. Remember, nothing lasts forever and one day you may be on your own.
Ok, maybe there was a tiny dash of pity with a sprinkle of guilt but we all survived quite nicely don't you think.

Hands up and Happy New Year!

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