The SanPedroNewsPilot.com captures the spirit of the original newspaper that served the community for 70-years until it closed its doors in 1998. In this Web 3.0 version, the SanPedroNewsPilot.com transcends newspapers, blogs, and websites.


The new SanPedroNewsPilot.com allows the community to communicate like never before. 


SanPedroNewsPilot.com is for us, by us. It  allows community members to blog, post  photos, embed videos and promote and cover events. There is no limit.

Whether you are a longshoreman, a police officer, musician, business owner or just a concerned citizen, the SanPedroNewsPilot.com is your voice in your neighborhood. Join now!


How Does it Work?

As with other social networks, each member creates his or her own individual page. You can submit an event about the Croatian soccer tournament, write a blog post about the Latino car show, post a video from the Italian dinner or upload photos from your favorite local punk band.

Why get Involved?

You owe it to San Pedro to be involved in your community. You share and you also learn. This process creates informed citizens, which is one step closer to active citizens.


Who Started the SanPedroNewsPilot.com?

The SanPedroNewsPilot.com was created by Branimir Kvartuc and Eddie North-Hager. We are two former journalists who met while working at the Daily Breeze. We now share a belief in the power of using technology and social networking for the greater good. We believe that an online community like the SanPedroNewsPilot.com can make the offline community of San Pedro even stronger, even closer.


Join now!




*SanPedroNewsPilot.com is not affiliated with the original San Pedro News Pilot newspaper.


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