My Thoughts for January 4, 2015

Well, we’re four days into the New Year and already I’m grouchy.  Why, you ask?   Because they changed my favorite restaurant into a place that reminds me of Famous Dave’s, the worst restaurant I’ve ever had to go in.  Besides, I don’t like change.  Why can’t they leave things alone? At least until I expire. Here’s what’s happening in my world.

My favorite restaurant, Red Robin, tore down their old restaurant and rebuilt a new one in the same mall.  At my age that was a plus, I didn’t have to figure out where the new one was located and I was familiar with the parking arrangements.  I was a happy camper, couldn’t wait to visit the new restaurant.  Was I in for a rude awakening or what?  The new restaurant which was supposed to be bigger and roomier was actually smaller, lacked the warmth and homier feel I had come to love.  In the old place, the waitpersons were like family, they knew your name, were friendly, and highly skilled.  Heck, there was one guy there that could take a thirty person order and get everything correct.  We miss you Bob! 

The next thing that’s bugging me in this New Year is my car, my El Camino.  It’s a 1984 and don’t go thinking its way beyond its life span.  Heck, it’s hardly broke-in.  It’s this weather, 9 degrees didn’t use to brother it, or me for that matter.  But this year it seems unable to cope with these low temps, me too, but I keep on trucking.  I hope the Camino will also.  I hate change and I don’t want to have to change cars this late in my life. 

Oh, God!  I just thought of another change I will have to endure, congress is going totally Republican.   That, in itself isn’t bad; I just don’t know which brand of republicanism, Tea Party republicanism or the normal guys like John Boehner or Steve Scalise.  Scalise is the new Majority Whip with a history of addressing white supremacy groups.  Aren’t those the guys than ran the KKK?  Anyway, hopefully these guys can get some meaningful things done without burning a cross on the White House lawn.

And, what of the Senate? Is Mitch McConnell going to be able to compromise?  For years he has put up unremitting opposition to anything President Obama has wanted to do.  Now with a solid Republican Congress he won’t have to be conciliatory towards the President.  The man from Kentucky will be the darling of the Tea Party Republicans.  They might run him for president in 2016. There’s a scary thought. And, I thought Rand Paul was bad.

One of the Buddhist beliefs is the only constant is change.  I’m sorry, I don’t like change.  I don’t like the new Red Robin, I don’t want to change cars, and I can’t see Mitch McConnell trying to navigate a middle of the road policy.  Heck, he might get run over by those on the Left or on the Right.  And if he did I would hate it; I hate change.

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