My Thoughts for January 11, 2015  

Here’s the first bitter reality for the New Year.  We are on the backside of those New Year’s resolutions we all endeavor to make in the days before New Year’s Eve.   Now is the time when we begin what we resolved to do: lose weight; quit smoking; drink less; and, the one I like the best, to join a gym and get into shape. 

I resolved to join a gym and get these joints and muscles back to where they were twenty years ago.  And, I had a plan.  First, I would use my age to get a senior discount. Second, I would hire a personal trainer who had geriatrics training, and third, I would set up daily visits on my way to work.  This would mean starting my workouts at 5:00 AM each week day.  It was a great plan.

I found a great place to put my well thought-out plan into action; Anytime Fitness on Yakima Avenue was perfect.   It is open 24 hours, it’s practically on my way to work, and they have personal trainers.  I decided to cruise by one morning on my way to work, which I did. 

Having grown-up in Southeast Los Angeles, I was well versed in how to cruise.  I learned cruising on Sunset Blvd., and Whittier Blvd.  Both those boulevards were the in-places when I was a teen. Yes, I know how to cruise and I used my skill (admittedly a bit rusty now that I’m older) to scope out Anytime Fitness.  And, there I was one morning slowly cruising by the gym, which was full of people working out.  Most were millenniums, none over 40, most in their 20’s.  But that did not deter me, I was determined.

Strange thing though, after driving by, I felt refreshed and replenished.  Wow, I decided to try it again the following morning.  I got the same result.  I cruised slowly by, and by the time I got to work I felt like a million bucks.  Hey, why join, I’ll just drive-by slowly and get the same result without having to put up with succulent young bodies and looks of “what are you doing you ole fart?”

The truth is, I know of only one person who is disciplined enough to workout daily.  That’s one of my stepsons.  He’s worked out daily for years and the results are evident.  He’s built like Schwarzenegger and has the looks of Ben Affleck.  The working out has certainly helped him in his job, he’s a very successful banker.  Of course, being a banker is sort of like being James Bond.  My stepson doesn’t have a license to kill, but he does have a license to extort.  That’s what banking is: legalized extortion.  People will look at my stepson’s well developed shoulders and think; Wow, I better do what he suggests.  And, of course, when the Republicans get the banking rules re-done, my stepson’s muscles will look even more frightening to his customers. 

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