How a San Pedro Chiropractor Can Help You Lose Weight

San Pedro Chiropractors Provide Surprising Tips on Weight Loss

By Misa Zaker, D.C., San Pedro Pain & Wellness

You've tried diets, weird health drinks and all of the latest trends to try to lose weight. Maybe you lost a few pounds only to gain them back in a matter of weeks. It can be frustrating.

Well, have you ever thought about seeing a chiropractor to help you lose weight?

While this may sound strange, today's chiropractors are trained to look at your overall health and well being... not just you back and neck issues.

And a recent study indicates that there is, “supporting evidence on the effectiveness of a multi-modal approach to weight loss implemented in a chiropractic clinic.”

With this in mind, here are...

5 Ways Chiropractors Can Help you Lose Weight


1. Check injuries to see what's holding you back from maximum movement.

While you may have a kink in your neck or a pain in your shoulder and not think anything of it, an experienced chiropractor will check your entire body for proper alignment, posture and movement.

You may discover that:

  • You haven't been able to move in a certain way because of a misalignment in your spine;
  • An injury is making you tired so you don’t want to exercise as much; or
  • You favor a certain leg, arm or other body part, and this is causing something strange to happen to the opposite side... and more!

All of these things can change your body is certain ways so it makes it potentially harder to lose weight.

2. Assess your nutrition, lifestyle and more.

In addition to your body, good chiropractors will ask about your eating habits, exercise levels, hobbies, work environment, and more.

This way, they can understand how your body is reacting to your activities and daily routine.

3. Provide a treatment plan to heal and exercise accordingly.

Once your chiropractor has all of this information, he or she can develop a unique plan for your physical issues and lifestyle.

To heal and improve your body, this may include physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments, meeting with a nutritionist, special exercises, manipulation under anesthesia, and/or another treatment.

4. Set goals.

Once you know exactly what is going on with your body, and where you want to be, your chiropractor will work with you to set specific goals.

You may have a certain treatment and exercise plan for a few weeks, and as you progress, your chiropractor will be there to help you adjust your routine accordingly for maximum improvement.

5. Provide support.

Most important, you don’t need to do this on your own.

If you want to heal sore or injured body parts, lose weight, gain strength, or just feel better overall, your chiropractor and his team will be there for support and guidance throughout the process.

Plus, with their experience and knowledge of overall body health, they can offer suggestions for new treatments, fun exercises, healthy food treats, and more to help you keep moving forward.

Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement to make positive changes happen!

Chiropractors Can Help You Lose Weight!

Torrance chiropractors at South Bay Pain and Wellness 

You may not have thought of this before, but a chiropractor may be the one, medical professional who can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

With a thorough assessment, a plan to help your overall body feel better (with current treatments and various activities) and positive support and encouragement, you may find just what you need to lose weight at your local chiropractor’s office.

Are you ready to see if our local, San Pedro chiropractors can help you lose weight?

Please contact us here for more information. 

Or, call now for your initial consultation - 310-831-0003 Ext. 1

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