Crafted At The Port of Los Angeles - Wine tasting coming this week!!!

8/1/2012 - That's right, Wine Tasting from [REVISED TIMES] 4pm til 7pm on Fridays!! And San Pedro Brewery is being brought back for Beer Tasting "First Sunday"s, 2-6pm.

AND THIS JUST IN - Starting Friday, Crafted will be offering "THREE FREE FRIDAYS" for you! Show up with 3 people in your car and you park for FREE on FRIDAYS!!

Thanks to Heart & Soule for these updates! Erinn makes the most fantastic personalized ornaments. I have a wonderful story to share about one of her customers (actually maybe more than just one) as soon as I can sit down with Erinn for an "exclusive".


7/30/2012 - Unofficial word is, (not yet confirmed) that wine tasting on Fridays is coming soon to Crafted! As soon as I have confirmation, and a time, I will post....


7/22/2012 - OK, maybe it's just ME, but I keep driving passed the gate on Harbor, wondering why there is an attendant, yet the gate is only open about 2 feet and there's a blockade in the driveway. Finally, this weekend when I had visited some of my Crafted vendor friends, I stopped on the way out and asked the staff at the other gate. "Oh, that's the PEDESTRIAN gate."  Glad I asked! I had no idea, and certainly couldn't read any signage to that effect if it was there!


7/15/2012 - 

Posted on FaceBook today by San Pedro's Original Web Site - "Motorists were being redirected to 22nd st for parking. Port's O ' Call parking lot was totally filled. Port Police were requesting extra downtown trolley stop for overflow parking lot on 22nd and extra trolley be added. There is a big opportunity here."

I think this can be a boon for Crafted. More people coming further down Harbor Bl!! - MB


7/9/2012 - Several Crafted vendors are working on their own individual ideas; ways to make special arrangements regarding parking for their customers.


7/6/2012 - Parking is no longer free. With parking SUCH a big issue in San Pedro, will YOU pay to park? Crafted has it's own lot; next door is a very small amount of metered or FREE parking belonging to 22nd Street Landing. Ports of Call parking is free, with access to the Red Car. Groups can meet at Ports of Call and then carpool in fewer cars to the Crafted lot. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


6/29/2012 - The grand opening was indeed grand! All of the parking was jammed almost instantly. Access was well done with accommodations for wheelchairs and strollers.  Local dignitaries and a huge crowd happily filed in to the warehouse around 11:15 am.

Many booths were standing room only as happy shoppers and visitors competed for the first look at stunning examples of art and crafts created painstakingly by very talented vendors.

San Pedro Crafters took welcome gifts to our first 5 vendor Facebook friends with custom labeled "bubbly". I think after a long, long, productive day, they enjoyed having something to celebrate with back at home!

Kids craft booths, chairs available to take a quick break from all the excitement, and an ATM machine rounded out the many perks for shoppers.

I'm not sure who was more thrilled, the community or the artists, but it was great to hear a couple in the parking lot remark "Wow, this and the USS Iowa? It's going to be such a hit down here!"

One funny thing happened, although a bit later - the huge ceiling fans were running all day, yet the building was quite warm. It turns out, per one vendor, that the fans were rotating the wrong way, blowing the heat down onto everyone, instead of circulating in an upwards motion for cooling. Luckily this was fixed!


I have recently connected with a handful of very excited, nervous but excited, vendors at Crafted. The crafting community, especially my little group of friends, is buzzing about how great this will be!

Looking forward to the Jewelry, Personalized Keychain & Jewelry Gifts, yummy Preserves, Wood creations, Art, Photography and close to 100 more booths to check out!


June 2012 - Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles [was] looking to hire!

Applicants [went] through the Harbor Workforce Center at 1851 N. Gaffey, San Pedro (just south of Home Depot).

Applications [were] accepted June 7th & June 8th.

Jobs will be shifts on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Varying shifts available. Please see the Workforce center for complete details.

Positions: Customer Service Ambassador, and PARKING CASHIER.


May 2012 -  Fellow San Pedro Crafter, Erinn of Heart & Soul Designs, recently attended a meeting by the Crafted folks, held at their "sister" location, the Bergamont Station in Santa Monica.

I had asked Erinn several questions, and she was able to answer most of them, and provide quite a bit of info from that meeting.

"As for lighting, they just installed all the new lighting fixtures and upgraded the natural lighting in the ceiling...ambiance would be that of a furniture showroom.Anyone that has "blingy" items that would do good with a lot of direct light, should consider table top lights or trac lighting in your stall.

They have 10 foot industrial fans throughout, causing a circular air movement, pushing hot air out, bringing cool air in....supposedly.

No extra or additional heating. [Sounds like no heating at all unless supplied by individual vendors; when we have those rare cold days in San Pedro, will this be an issue?]

New floor is installed (concrete with honeycomb logo/pattern) but you can install flooring as long as it is fixed if need be.

Parking price is still to be determined...FREE for us [vendors], minimal fee for public, unless they park in the surrounding free lots or residential streets. [Note-many people have said that this could really effect the success of Crafted - people may not want to pay for parking when they want to walk & browse the venue in a casual manner. They are only about a month from opening and despite FREQUENT requests, they will or can not specify the price of parking. I think at the least, parking should be FREE for the first month or so. MB]

High end security surveillance with all no-break-point glass alarms have been installed.

No security guards physically present at this time. [Hmmm, I hope that changes].

The Mayor and City Officials will be attending our ribbon cutting ceremony and [Erinn] will announce [to our San Pedro Crafters group] that [date]once [she has] all the details.

[Crafted is] in the June issue of LA Magazine and are the Editors Pick for Sunset Magazine in commercials will start in July 17th.

San Pedro Brewing Co will be hosting beer and wine tastings until liquor license is finalized.

[Vendors at Crafted are] getting excited and we also got our space numbers at the its moving along with a grand opening date of June 29th at 10am". [Erinn Soule of Heart & Soul Designs].


3/10/2012 - From the LA times, an article on the Crafted project, by the folks who created the Bergamont Station Art Center in Santa Monica:

The address for Crafted is 110 and 112 E. 22nd St., San Pedro, CA 90731-7202

3/6/2012 - I learned this morning that Crafted has "on board" at least 80 of their first targeted 100 vendors. A total of 550 artisans in 135,000 square feet of warehouse space is their goal. Crafted is waiting on the commencement of renovation, pending city permits. They are hoping to begin around the first part of April. Completion is said to be planned for late June. Thank you Sheri at San Pedro Convention and Visitor Services!

2/19/2012 - Those of us who signed up for the newsletter, did recently receive confirmation of the meeting on March 1. If you are on that email list, you should have received notice of the meeting location, 7pm in San Pedro.

2/16/2012 - I went with a friend to check out the buildings at Warehouse 9 & 10 today. Unfortunately, there is nothing to see/report. There were no workers on the premises. Nothing appears to be going on outside and the buildings clearly need a lot of work; perhaps there is something happening inside. There is a fence around both buildings, with no current access. The contractors' trailers on the property next to the warehouses, are not part of that project.

I have not received any confirmation of my request for information about the location of San Pedro meeting March 1st, which is about 2 weeks away.

2/10/2012 - CRAFTED AT THE PORT OF L.A. meeting in San Pedro is March 1st, 7-9pm.

You have to RSVP by FEB 17th in order to get the details/location, and I do not yet know if there is a charge to attend the meeting. I'll share what I find out.



2/6/2012 - a recent post by "Crafted..." responded to several inquiries into a San Pedro meeting, as [coming soon] - "mid to late Feb for next round of info sessions. We will have SP on the list for sure for those artists who need a bit more scoop before they jump on board."

**NOTE** You will be expected to have all the proper BUSINESS licenses/permits/tax processes in place.** - 2/4/2012....

As a crafter, craftsperson, artist etc myself, I am excited to have this venue coming to our town! This has been a big hit in Santa Monica, and now we have our own!

Most spaces will be indoors, with some out on the "patio", there will be security, hand crafted goods and artisan foods too!

Initially, Crafted will be open Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

Photos of Crafted so far:

As mentioned on their website:

“Picture your average weekend craft fair: the festive atmosphere, the food, the music, the people, the demos and the cornucopia of colorful and creative crafts...  We've got all that and more.  Just add water (about an oceans worth) and stir in two Navy built 1940’s warehouses with wide walkable aisles, tons of natural light, and a gorgeous courtyard with views of the San Pedro Bay.   Bake for 52 weeks a year and  serve to your delighted customers.”

The website has FAQs, and all the details of becoming a vendor.

As I learn more details, I will share.

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Comment by Marlene Bauman on August 1, 2012 at 9:23am
Wine and beer tasting will be Fridays from 5-8pm -
Comment by Marlene Bauman on July 1, 2012 at 5:57pm

I've started an album for my photos of Crafted --- I hoped to get out there again today (Sunday 7/1) but did not make it. I'll get over there again hopefully next weekend.

Comment by Marlene Bauman on July 1, 2012 at 9:44am

I am compiling pictures and will post as I go forward. :-)

Comment by Eddie North-Hager on June 30, 2012 at 1:09am

More pictures please!

Comment by Valerie Smith-Griffin on June 28, 2012 at 8:29pm

Thanks Marlene, I appreciate all the work you've been doing - and will continue to do. Look forward to the "Crafted Vendors List" when done.

Comment by Marlene Bauman on June 28, 2012 at 11:37am

Valerie - I agree with your comment about parking! We'll see how things progress on that issue.

For a vendor's list, I will try to put together my own until I see an official one by Crafted. I know that the Bergamont Station has one.

Comment by Valerie Smith-Griffin on June 28, 2012 at 10:54am

Free parking would seem to be a must - not "just" for vendors. The parking meter issue for downtown San Pedro seems to take up rather frequent space in the Daily Breeze "Letters to the Editor" - and we've seen for several years how it can and does affect downtown business - so let's not repeat history.

Comment by Valerie Smith-Griffin on June 28, 2012 at 10:48am

Would appreciate seeing a complete list (to date) of Crafted vendors. Thanks!

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