Crafted Vendor List - Vendor website/Etsy links, a few at a time

7/20/2012 -  IN-PROCESS list, with web links - I will fix/add any links needing attention when possible. Remember, many of the vendors at Crafted will consider custom/special orders!

Booth    Business Name                                 Website / Other

A136      2 Market Street                                               
A211      7-11 Miracle Company                                  
A200      Allalong                                               
A134      Amarillo                                              
A130      Angels Gate Cultural Center                                       
A178      Anon-Y-Mouse                                
A138      Artistic Rite                              
A141      Art-Sea Creations                             
A102      August Lane                                      
A210      Beetleback Designs                                        
A152      Belandria                                            
A193      Branch of Life                                      
A162      Cake Bar                                   
A143      Charmel Handcrafted Jewelry           
A187      Circles and Squares                          
A124      Clay Collective                                  
A140      Curated                                               
A139      Cutie Pie That                         
A207      Dawn Design                     
A129      Designs by Scorpio                                         
A190      Desiree B                                            
A135      Diana Levin Art                       
A121      Dogwood & Poppy                    
A142      Donut Snob (coming soon)                                         
A193      Branch of Life                                   
A137      Fancy Home                                      
A125      Findings Art Center                                        
A206      Fuition                                 
A186      Giordano Jewelry Design                                   
A123      H & O's Night Market                                    
A153      Hammer + Stitch                                             
A108      Heart & Soule                                  
A112      Heart of the Matter                                       
A213      Hepp's Salt Barrel                                            
A115      Honey & Ollie Design

A120      Hydrangea Hippo                                            
A192      Ises K Jewelry                                   
A105      It's Me Mary                                     
A184      Jaden Moon                                      
A207      Josie's Jewelry                                   
A104      Kelso Doesn't Dance                                      
A212      Knotical Arts                            
A135      Kokocandles                                     
A131      LACC Native American Indian Commission                                           
A198      Le Baux Metaux       
A189      Leather E                                            
A118      Lindsay Sochar                                 
A117      Lint and Buttons                                              
A117      Lint and Buttons                                              
A102      Lupita                                   
A197      Lynntone                                            
A178      Magnetic Grain                                
A200      Make Shop Live                    
A122      Meriebabie                                       
A202      Mistymoto                                         
A195      Mome Rath Garden     
A183      Native                                  
A202      Object Mfg. Co                                
A199      Paradise Preserves               
A201      Parchment                         
A207      Paula's Baubles                                
A102      Phoebe Wren                                   
A114      Phoenix Magyk                      
A101      Pinche Michi Art                                              
A127      Plastic Vampire Teeth                                   
A144      Red Car Market                                               
A205      Salvage Shop                                    
A182      San Pedro Historic Downtown Waterfront                                           
A190      Silver Blue Glass                                              
A185      Sires Eyewear                                   
A204      The Jungle Bee                
A126      Toddlr T's JDN73                                              
A132      Twirls and Twigs                                              
A116      Urban Octopus                                
A122      Wood Brain              


7/14/12 - I'm in the process of adding some Crafted Vendors' websites and/or other links, such as on, as they provide the information to me. Stay tuned for an updated list!


Crafted has their Marketplace (Meet our Makers) page, but here's a very simple beginning list.

(Corrections/additions to this list will be made as needed).

Booth    Business Name
A136    2 Market Street
A211    7-11 Miracle Company
A200    Allalong
A134    Amarillo
A130    Angels Gate Cultural Center
A178    Anon-Y-Mouse
A138    Artistic Rite
A141    Art-Sea Creations
A102    August Lane
A210    Beetleback Designs
A152    Belandria
A193    Branch of Life
A162    Cake Bar
A143    Charmel Handcrafted Jewelry
A187    Circles and Squares
A124    Clay Collective
A140    (Curated)
A139    Cutie Pie That
A207    Dawn Design
A129    Designs by Scorpio
A190    Desiree B
A135    Diana Levin Art
A121    Dogwood & Poppy
A142    Donut Snob (coming soon)
A137    Fancy Home
A125    Findings Art Center
A206    Fuition
A186    Giordano Jewelry Design
A123    H & O's Night Market
A153    Hammer + Stitch
A108    Heart & Soule
A112    Heart of the Matter
A213    Hepp's Salt Barrel
A115    Honey & Ollie Design
A120    Hydrangea Hippo
A192    Ises K Jewelry
A105    It's Me Mary
A184    Jaden Moon
A104    Kelso Doesn't Dance
A212    Knotical Arts
A135    Kokocandles
A131    LACC Native American Indian Commission
A198    Le Baux Metaux
A189    Leather E
A118    Lindsay Sochar
A117    Lint and Buttons
A102    Lupita
A197    Lynntone
A178    Magnetic Grain
A200    Make Shop Live
A122    Meriebabie
A202    Mistymoto
A195    Mome Rath Garden
A183    Native
A202    Object Mfg. Co
A199    Paradise Preserves
A201    Parchment
A207    Paula's Baubles
A102    Phoebe Wren
A114    Phoenix Magyk
A101    Pinche Michi Art
A127    Plastic Vampire Teeth
A144    Red Car Market
A205    Salvage Shop
A182    San Pedro Historic Downtown Waterfront
A190    Silver Blue Glass
A185    Sires Eyewear
A204    The Jungle Bee
A126    Toddlr T's / JDN73
A132    Twirls and Twigs
A116    Urban Octopus
A122    Wood Brain

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